Viral Video Of A Dad Reuniting With His Young Daughter For The First Time In A Year | News

It’s nothing like the joy of seeing your family during the holidays, so we can only imagine the excitement 4-year-old Kaleah felt when she saw her father, Christopher Wright for the first time in a year! 

“I’ve been ready for this whole moment,” she said excitedly in the video. 

See the eye-watering video we reposted on our Facebook that showed the daddy-daughter-duo reunite just in time for the holidays and her 5th birthday on Christmas day!  

FYI: She lives in Georgia while her father lives in Jackson, Mississippi. 

“We have to kind of work it out to where she can come and visit every now and then but it’s always…we always play it by ear,” Chris shared with WJTV admitting he didn’t originally want the moment videotaped, but after seeing the reactions, he’s glad it was.

Originally posted by Jasmine Dukes via Facebook, we found ourselves having to share the touching reunion moment, and clearly, the BET Family loved the moment making the video go viral with thousands of likes, comments, and shares. 

We are sure we speak for everyone when we say that we were happy to see this little girl’s excitement to see her father!

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